About Mario Radosavljevic.

Welcome to my professional journey, where passion meets performance. In the fast-paced world of today, I understand the importance of getting straight to the point. So, here's a snapshot of the esteemed brands and collaborators I've had the privilege of partnering with over the years:

Ulysse Nardin.

A harmonious blend of luxury and precision, where we explored the world of high-end timepieces.

Mercedes AMG Performance Center.

Diving deep into power, performance, and prestige, our collaboration showcased the epitome of automotive engineering.

Private Royal Office Sharjah.

A significant engagement where discretion met grandeur, emphasizing the elite and the exclusive.

LOMA Forged.

Together, we ventured into the bespoke realm of custom car wheels, blending aesthetics with unparalleled performance.

VIP Car Rental LLC.

This collaboration was about luxury on the go, highlighting the finest rides for those with discerning tastes.

Corvette Racing.

A thrilling endeavor where speed and style coalesced, capturing the very essence of racing pedigree.

PP Performance Dubai.

Power and optimization were at the forefront of this collaboration, emphasizing the art of vehicle tuning to its zenith.

...and many more collaborations that have shaped my journey, leaving an indelible mark of excellence.

Dive deeper to discover more about our past projects and witness the fusion of dedication and expertise. Your next collaboration opportunity could be just around the corner!