YRC | Your Road Companion with Mario Radosavljevic.

Welcome to "Your Road Companion" with Mario Radosavljevic! Born out of a profound passion for supercars and road adventures from the heart of Dubai, I bring you expert car reviews, comprehensive modification guides, and invaluable advice for automotive enthusiasts and buyers alike. As we journey together, driving these magnificent machines to every conceivable corner of the globe, we aim to foster a united supercar community. As a seasoned entrepreneur, I understand the essence of a compelling narrative. Allow me to help amplify your brand stories, ensuring you're not just seen but genuinely heard.

YRC — Mario Radosavljevic | Hello, automotive enthusiasts and fellow connoisseurs!

Have you ever wondered about the intricate tales that every brand and their products hold? I'm here to narrate those stories. From the winding tracks of a racetrack to the sleek aesthetics of a dashboard, every detail has a story waiting to be told.

Having been dubbed as "the lord of the rims" by The Emirates Times (check out the article here), it's an honor to be recognized for my passion and expertise in this field. Over the years, I've fostered a keen eye for quality, and a love for storytelling. I don’t just showcase cars; I delve deep into the ethos of brands, unraveling their narratives and highlighting their unique propositions.

For brands looking to create an impactful presence, here's a golden opportunity: join me in my journey on YouTube. Together, we can captivate my audience with your product's tale, provide valuable links in video descriptions, and even offer special promo codes to an eager community of car lovers.

Let’s not just promote a product; let’s tell its story. Let's let the world know what sets your brand apart.

Mario Radosavljevic


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YRC: The Fastest Growing YouTube Sensation in the Middle East.

The Emirates Times wrote: YRC — The Fastest Growing YouTube Sensation in the Middle East!

In a region renowned for its flamboyant car culture and the passion for everything automotive, it’s no small feat to stand out amidst the vast sea of automotive enthusiasts. Yet, one channel has managed to do just that and in record time – YRC, or Your Road Companion with Mario. 

Mario Radosavljevic, the brain and charisma behind the channel, isn’t new to the world of entrepreneurship. In fact, long before his YouTube venture, Mario was known in the elite circles of the automotive world as the owner of LOMA Forged Wheels. This high-end brand has achieved what few can, landing among the top three most recognized…


Proven Performance: Real Numbers from the YouTube Studio!

Sneak Peek: Channel Performance Aug 21 - Sep 17, 2023 | YRC - Your Road Companion with Mario.